By definition branding is the promoting of a product or service by identifying it with a particular brand. Your company may chose to brand itself via a name, term, sign, symbol, design or maybe even a combination of these. Before choosing one of these, you must first understand the needs of your customers. Your “statement” or “logo” should connect them to your product or services. Find something that speaks to them or conveys a message. Remember this will be your face/identity. Your brand may very well be the key to your business’ success. This is how your customers will identify you and perceive your company. Make sure your company’s logo and/or brand looks professional and that it has a clear message for anyone that comes in contact with it. Ask for ideas or suggestions from those you trust and gather different opinions – these may help you tap into a larger customer base. Don’t forget you can’t make everyone happy. However a good brand/Logo can go a long way.

Your logo will take your business everywhere. You can include your logo on just about anything and sell it or use it as a promotional item.  This is a great way of getting the word out. Letting people know you are here. Consider it free advertising in the long run. When used wisely, these can be very valuable marketing tools. It’s an easy way to get others promoting your business.

For Example:
– T-Shirts
– Water Bottles
– Flash Drives
– Sweat Shirts
– Mugs
– Thermal Mugs
– Hats
– Pens
– Note Pads

Try things that will work for your customers and items they are more likely to use. Sponsor an event or Fundraiser and target that select group with items they can visibly use while promoting your business.

Follow proper registration procedures to avoid infringement / Copyright violations.

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