Get organized: Take a day to organize yourself. It might seem impossible and a waste of time. However, spending time to organize yourself will save you more time in the future. If you’ve ever lost something in your office and went crazy looking for it, you know what I’m talking about. Organizing your office, your electronic files and your ideas is key to saving time.

Create a To-Do-List: These lists help ensure that all the steps/tasks are completed without using up your time. They free up your mind. No need to remember or worry about each item needed to wrap up a task. Now you are free to focus on being creative and productive towards other projects.

Labeling: Labeling files/e-mails incorrectly is one of the biggest mistakes people make. When writing an email, don’t write something cute or funny on the subject line. Write something relevant to the email you are sending. When searching for emails or documents it is easier to find if you labeled correctly. Everyone has to reference back to emails or documents from the past but when not labeled correctly, your system won’t find it. Now you will have to spend time thinking and searching for the document before finishing your tasks. Save time – label correctly.

Make Decisions: Disorganization and ineffective time management is often the result of failing to decide what to do. Start making decisions and getting things done and off your desk. Over thinking the small things or not wanting to “waste time” on them is actually the biggest waste of time. Try clearing out some of the small tasks by spending 3 minutes to make your decision and moving it off the list. You will find yourself with less clutter, more time and feeling a lot more confident about yourself. Efficiency and time management guides productivity. Knowing you are getting all your tasks completed gives you confidence and positive energy.

Delegate / Outsource: You are one person. While you may think you are the “master of multi-tasking”, your time is still limited. You are great at what you do but you don’t need to do it all yourself. Some tasks can be delegated. There is someone out there that can do it. Virtual Services are a great way to get small tasks done at your convenience and without the high costs. One task, one charge. It’s that simple. The more you work with your virtual professional, the more understanding they will gain about your business. And you can still limit your budget to using them only when you need a task completed.

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