Our Clients’ Experience

See How Other Businesses Are Using MC Virtual Professionals

Alice B., Décor Store
Family Owned

I have never hired a Virtual Assistant before and I was not 100% comfortable with the idea. I started off with a new website design that I needed installed and was amazed at how they exceeded my expectations. I was so impressed by how MC Virtual Professionals worked (and the organized way of working!) that I decided to kick in a few more dollars in my office budget. I hired them for a few more tasks and now I can’t imagine working without them. I handle the store and they handle all the office work. As long as I am good with my email replies to them – I don’t have to bother with anything! Thank you!

Yvonne O., Entrepreneur
Business Owner

I am an entrepreneur and having the right team in place has been detrimental to my success. When I started I really struggled with growth so fast it overwhelmed me. After being introduced to MC Virtual Professionals by a trusted fellow business entrepreneur, I decided to give it a try and it has been an amazing service. So many things were coming up for me business and I just couldn’t do it all. Even the small tasks started to get me down. Now I keep a small service package with them for my monthly tasks and their services practically pay for themselves. And my sanity!

Karen B., Optometrist
Mom of two

Working with MC Virtual Professionals has helped ease my workload and my daily stress! Knowing I can hand the task or project over without worrying is invaluable. I tend to micro manage and I also suffer from being a hard-headed control freak (If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.) – wrong! A load has been lifted. She knows my work style and how I like things – doesn’t bother me with small details. If she has questions, she asks instead of wasting time by going down the wrong path. So professional – I can have her reply to quick emails on my behalf with no worry! Amazing follow through! Whole-heartily recommend to anyone with too much on their plate. You can breathe now!

Kevin., Distributor
Small Business Owner

I absolutely recommend having a Virtual Professional or Assistant for anyone that doesn’t have the money or need for a full-time employee. She handles my calendar and schedules my jobs, replies to customer inquiries, handles my emails – cleans out the trash from telemarketers, and contacts me when it’s necessary. Now I finally feel like I can actually dedicate myself to the business I opened. I can focus on my clients and services without the crazy brain stress. It’s really great to know that there is someone who is obviously better qualified than I am at handling office tasks. I can’t say enough about how much I love having the help of such qualified people.

Sarah., Realtor
Real Estate Owner

MC Virtual Professionals has been able to take care of tasks that I’ve been procrastinating on for a while. After acquiring their monthly services, I haven’t had to do those time-consuming tasks that I hate to do. She took care of it all and provided cliff notes on the tasks – rather than ramble on and waste my time. I get the quick summary and I know it’s done. She keeps me in compliance and I never miss deadlines. She always exceeds my expectations in quality work. I own a few properties and I am currently growing our business at a fast pace so it’s good to know that I have someone we can use to take care of things we don’t have time to or simply can’t. Rather than hire a few employees for different areas of work, I just up my hours for the month and have them do it all. Administrative work, website updates, email management, project support, social media management – done! Can’t thank your team enough for all the support. You are part of OUR team now.

Lynn P., Executive Director
Non-Profit Agency

As the Executive Director of a not-for-profit agency, I am limited on admin expenses and need to make every dollar count. We don’t have the resources and freedom of a for-profit-business because we have to adhere to grant regulations. When it comes to donations, it is critical to be a mindful fiscal agent of these gifts and find creative resources that allow you to get the job done with a small staff and unfortunate funding cuts. MC Virtual Professionals helped our weather the funding cuts until we received funding from another grant. Our virtual assistant worked with us on project management and many of the design work we usually paid a designer very high design rates. Great interpersonal skills, intuition and work ethic that we needed as the face of our organization. I can wholeheartedly recommend her without any reservations.

Jennifer C., Retail
Tough to Find Books

We used MC Virtual Professional for our inventory and as a retail shopper for our business needs. Never a problem. Always on time. Very affordable rates. Beats having to hire employees and all the headaches that come with the overhead. We don’t always need the service but it’s great to know where to always go for everything. Really, anything you need, they can probably do!

Jeff H., Consultant
Business Development

For anyone who has started their own business, and when it is only you, a virtual assistant will be a life saver! Even now that I have three employees, I still use their services to help with new projects, office tasks and to manage my social media accounts. I would recommend them without question to anyone looking for a virtual assistant.

Vanessa F., Baker
Bakery Owner

I needed a logo, business cards and a flyer to get my baked ideas out there quick. She designed my logo from my amateur design ideas and then created my cards and the matching marketing flyer. I did nothing but pay her. Everything was done, ordered and delivered straight to me. Easy as pie!

Catherine C., Owner
Books & Wellness

We love having a virtual assistant on call for our client management and inventory. This is the most tedious but important part of our business and we no longer have to worry about it. We know it’s in good hands. Great working with you. Love the positive attitude and very professional style. Can’t say enough how we love working with you.

Michelle G., Retail
Store Owner

Everyone should have this service if they don’t need a full-time employee or if they have staff but need someone to help for a few hours a week. Small tasks, that can easily pull me away from where I need to be, now go straight to my Virtual Assistant. For instance, I’ll ask her to call a supplier to give them a customer’s address. In the past, something as minor as that would have distracted me. My Assistant has all my information so she seamlessly makes the call, confirms the order and delivery, and then sends me an email with the information. If there’s anything urgent, she calls me. This is a great service that I would recommend to all of my business associates.

Melissa F., Consultant
Data Services

When I first purchased the virtual professional business package I was working full time and had a handful of clients. I was trying to leave my job but had so many small business tasks that I couldn’t get to while working and providing my clients my data entry services. I tried the services for the small tasks and ended up having them work with me on some of the large data entry projects. Finally left my job and now I call on them when I needed the extra support!