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What We DO

MC Virtual Professionals is an administrative support system for all types of businesses, consultants, executives, and individuals all over. We understand the importance of your time and the need to delegate. Our team works as an independent business partner. The moment we begin working with you, your business success becomes our business success!

How We Can Help

We handle your tasks and manage your projects while leaving you free to focus on profitable business leads that require your personal attention.

Our virtual services have successfully supported many businesses grow and increase their profits. Virtual services are contractual and eliminate overhead costs and tax liabilities associated with hiring employees directly through your company payroll.

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MC Virtual Professionals offers a variety of packages to fit all of our client base. We have packages and hourly rates. What does your business need to gain headway towards your goals and mission? Administrative support to handle the day to day tasks, project management, social media marketing, bookkeeping, branding, website development, billing or newsletter marketing? We can provide you with the package that best fits your business needs. Our goal is to increase your productivity.

  • No Overhead Costs: No Salary Budgets, Office Space, Equipment, Maintenance or Software expenses.
  • As an independent consultant or small business owner, you are bound to run into an endless list of tasks. These tasks may take you away from the core needs of your business, and reduce profit & business development. Hiring employees to handle these tasks can sometimes be costly and unnecessary.
  • Hiring a virtual professional to help you manage your day-to-day will not only reduce your budget costs, it will also provide you with peace of mind.

No Employment Laws

No Responsibility Associated with Direct Hires:

  • Salaries
  • Health Insurance
  • FICA Taxes
  • Unemployment
  • Vacation Pay
  • Sick Leave
  • Holiday Pay
  • Retirement Plans

No Commitments (we offer): 

  • On-Demand Services
  • Project Services
  • Monthly Packages
  • Hourly Rates

Ideal For

“New” business owners starting up, “small” business Owners, Companies in need of downsizing and saving on payroll liability (while maintaining the same level of work performance), Executives, Consultants, Contractors and Individuals looking for an extra helping hand to manage their hectic life.

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