When starting your own business you tend to make cost effective decisions…

When starting your own business you tend to make cost effective decisions, not because it’s a savvy business move but because it’s the necessary thing to do. Many new business owners and entrepreneurs use their own money or a limited budget to get started. Doing the majority of the tasks yourself is key to saving money because hiring an employee isn’t in the budget at the beginning. Besides you don’t really need a full time or part time employee but could definitely use a hand once in a while during the week.

Luckily, new business owners can tap into a new way of doing business by hiring Virtual Administrative Support. Hiring a virtual assistant will not break your bank and will clear the small tasks off your list. The tasks that are cluttering you and holding you back from moving your business to the next level. As a new owner you may be reluctant to trust anyone to handle your business tasks but you can start small and work up the relationship.

Remember, A Virtual Assistant is a consultant. You don’t need to supervise, hire, or provide them with an office. They can assist you remotely from their office. Delegating tasks will provide you with time to focus on your business productivity.

There’s no need to feel anxiety or stress over the possibility that the task won’t be done correctly. As with any new business partner, you must build on your business relationship with your new Virtual Assistant. They will learn about your business and get to know you and your business style. Try to remember that they are professionals that have been working in the field and are there to provide you with much needed support. You don’t need to multi-task and hinder your creative juices no longer. A Virtual Assistant can be that helping hand you need, at an affordable rate.

What can I start with? What can I hire a virtual assistant to help me with?

Your time is valuable and you don’t want to spend it checking off small tasks off your to-do-list. While these tasks are necessary and must be completed, you don’t have to be the one doing them. Start with some small but necessary tasks:

  • E-mail management (new inquiries or requests for information/appointments)
  • Thank you notes (Follow up with clients/networking associates)
  • Scheduling & Reminders (Maintain your calendar & never miss an appointment)
  • Database Entries (Enter all your new contacts & never lose a client)
  • Transcribe minutes (Transcribe your recorded notes)
  • Track expenses (Keep the IRS happy and record properly)
  • Billing (Send out invoices/reminders & get paid)

Why hire a Virtual Assistant instead of a part-time employee that can work in my office?

Your virtual assistant will be an independent contractor and not an employee. With that comes a few perks like:

  • They will pay their own taxes to the IRS, State and other government agencies.
  • Vacation and sick leave pay does not apply to them.
  • Hiring process is much easier.
  • No need to budget for expenses like: Office space, desks, office supplies or equipment.
  • You pick your package and purchase only what you need. Spend more if you need it or Call us back when you need more help. No hard feelings.

Increasing your productivity and growing your business just got easier. Don’t make the common new owner mistake of trying to do it all yourself. Make your life much easier and delegate. Arm yourself with administrative support and you will be on your way to a success business path!

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